What is bad credit?
When you take up a loan or a mobile phone contract, you have certain obligations towards them. Once you sign the contract, you are bound by the terms. From simple interest rate payments and installments, to the date of the ultimate repayment, your contract usually includes all these relevant details that you must read through and after signing the contract, must stand by. 
When you fail to meet these obligations, you are not doing your creditworthiness any favor, and this does not go unnoticed. In fact, they become an official record and shows up on your credit report. When your credit report contains these incidences of late payments and defaults, what you have as a result is referred to as ‘bad credit.’
How does bad credit hinder your way of getting a mobile phone contract?
Until you are buying the phone outright, allowing you to walk out with a phone, without paying its cost, requires you to assure the lender of your ability to pay installments. When you have bad credit, your past does not exactly favor the situation. In simple words, with bad credit, lenders are usually put off by your financial reputation and thus, are reluctant in allowing you the contract. Since the relationship is to be one of absolute trust, most lenders are just not interested in dealing with high risk individuals. No matter how well you think you can meet your obligations now, if your history says otherwise, there is little to be done to convince the lenders. Thus, having bad credit quite easily lands in your plate rejection after rejection. 
What is to be done?
The ultimate solution to getting rid of bad credit is to build up your credit ratings. There are many different ways in which you can counteract what you have done in the past and ensure that it is not a source of concern anymore. However, the process is a long-term one and thus, does not help if you need a mobile phone contract now. This is where we come in with our bad credit mobile phone contracts, which take out a credit rating check from the equation, treating your applications the same way as treating the application of a highly punctual, good credit individual.
How exactly does a bad credit mobile phone help?
As you might already know, bad credit products came to life as a result of the difficulties individuals with not-so-perfect ratings face. They came to life so that even such individuals could get access to easy achieved credit-based products. As a result, we have these contracts which do not associate themselves with your past and are merely concerned with what happens next. Thus, by doing this, they allow you a much-needed mobile phone contract, which you may find extremely difficult or stressful to find elsewhere.
Is a bad credit mobile phone contract really for me?
Bad credit is a stain that does not wash itself. If you are able to buy a mobile phone outright, then perhaps bad credit should not be a source of concern. However, in practical life, most people prefer to go ahead with contracts. Therefore, if you are unable to afford a mobile phone contract outright and are unable to get a regular contract, our contracts are what you need.
Our mobile phone contracts, here, help you by allowing you the platform to showcase your creditworthiness. Perhaps you have changed, perhaps you are no longer high risk. But if you are not getting a chance to showcase it, how do you prove it? This is why these contracts come in so handy, as they are allowing you a chance to actually prove what you believe. If you perform well and be punctual, you will build up your credit ratings and ultimately, not even need these contracts anymore.
If you still think you will fail to meet your obligations, then perhaps this is not what you need because once you get such a contract, your performance is scrutinized and looked upon closely. Failing to meet your obligations would only serve to exacerbate the situation.
If I get a bad credit mobile phone contract, what is to happen to my credit rating?
The direction your credit rating takes after you get a bad credit mobile phone contract or any bad credit product for that matter depends on you. While it is our obligation to let you know that you will be assessed ever more closely once you are on a bad credit mobile phone contract, there is no reason for intimidation. If you meet your installments in a timely fashion and clear all dues in time, your credit report will take this into account and you will certainly see your credit rating go up. The opposite would be the case if you are still negligent. Thus, the reason why we say that it is in fact you in the driving seat.
What if I am unsure?
At Tango Zebra Mobiles, we are dedicated to enlightening you all about the contracts that we have to offer and a great deal of this is dependent on you asking questions. If you are unclear about anything or want to inquire if bad credit mobile phones are right for you, click here for more infoclick here for more info.
What if I miss a few payments?
As you will continue to work with us, you will soon realize that the relationship we are aiming for is based on trust and mutual understanding. We take into account the possibilities, which may temporarily cause you to get out of track. Therefore, if there is a certain mishap that you are faced with and are thus, unable to meet a few installments, all you have to do is let us know what the problem is. You need not be scared, or hide the situation. We are highly understanding and thus, do not hit the panic button and start piling up pressure.
How do I apply to one of your contracts?
Walking in the path of our motto of putting your convenience first, we have made available to you an online application on our website. All you have to do is fill up the simple application and let us get back to you. It only takes a few minutes and is certainly worth opting for.