More than Just a Lender

At Tango Zebra Mobiles, we are dedicated to creating long-term relationships with all our customers and thus, ensure that we take steps beyond the limited scope of getting you a contract and moving on. This is why we ensure that even after you have taken a contract from us, we are always there for you, always there to listen to your qualms and answer your questions, like we have always been.
From answering your queries to helping with your installments, we are devoted to being more than just a lender. At Tango Zebra Mobiles, we actually care. This is why we would not just help you find the right contract, but also help you build up your credit ratings. If you have something troubling you that is hindering your way to meeting your upcoming installment, we are more than eager to sit with you, listen to you, and find a solution that is mutually beneficial.

So in short, at Tango Zebra Mobiles, you matter, your preferences matter, and most importantly, your satisfaction matter.